Celebrity seeks $100,000

John Morcombe | The Manly Daily | 24 Mar 11 @ 05:34pm

THE celebrity chef who is the subject of an application for an apprehended violence order claims he is owed more than $100,000 in unpaid entitlements.

Nelson Ng is seeking the AVO order against Miguel Maestre, claiming that he was threatened and that Mr Maestre is refusing to return an expensive Range Rover after he sacked Mr Maestre in December.

But Mr Maestre’s lawyer, Patrick Conaghan, said the AVO would be contested when it returned to Manly Court on April 8, when a magistrate is expected to decide whether to grant an interim AVO.

Mr Conaghan said the source of the problem was a commercial dispute between the pair.

He said Mr Ng owed Mr Maestre $100,000 in entitlements.

“All this started over a commercial dispute; Mr Ng has filed proceedings and they’ll be defended,” Mr Conaghan said.

“All it does is highlight the ease with which a disgruntled neighbour, business partner or work colleague can abuse the legal process in a veiled attempt to better their own interests.”

Mr Maestre, of Elanora Heights, is the star of Miguel’s Tropical Kitchen on the Lifestyle Food channel, and also appears on Channel 10 in Boys’ Weekend.He previously worked at some of Sydney’s top restaurants before working at Mr Ng’s El Toro Loco restaurant at Manly from January to December last year.

Mr Ng is a master chef who has run restaurants at Kirribilli, North Sydney and Darling Harbour. Mr Ng opened El Toro Loco at Manly but changed its name to El Poco Loco.

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