Comanchero 'rolled over'

Nick Ralston | The Sydney Morning Herald | September 29, 2010

THE case against two brothers charged over the shooting of a Hells Angels member relies heavily on evidence given by a former Comanchero who has rolled over to police, a court has been told.

Richard and Christopher Fong appeared in Waverley Local Court yesterday, charged with conspiracy to murder in relation to the shooting of Peter Zervas in Lakemba last year.

Police allege the Fong brothers are Comancheros. Officers were called to Waverley to scan the public for weapons as they entered the court room. Four of the officers remained inside the court while the bail hearing for both brothers took place.

The pair were arrested in an early morning raid on their home in Matraville on Monday which coincided with a search of the Comanchero clubhouse at Milperra.

The lawyer for the brothers, Patrick Conaghan, told the court both denied they still had links with the Comancheros, and that they had handed back their colours.

He denied the police prosecution's claim that the case against the men was strong. He said it relied on evidence given by a witness codenamed ''SP'', a former Comanchero.

Mr Conaghan told the court SP had also given evidence at the committal hearing involving 10 Comancheros charged with murdering Anthony Zervas during a brawl at Sydney Airport. That incident occurred seven days before his brother, Peter, was shot.

SP, he said, had assisted police in that trial to escape also being charged with murder. However, during that trial, SP had been caught out lying under oath, Mr Conaghan said.

''The police are not being completely transparent with this matter,'' he said. ''They have an informant, one that has been given a great benefit.''

The police prosecutor, Leah McGrath, denied that SP had been given immunity to murder. She also said police had a number of witnesses who had come forward with evidence allowing them to make the arrests on Monday.

The magistrate, Jacqueline Milledge, denied both men bail, saying she held concerns for the protection of witnesses and the victim.

They will both appear in court again in November.

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