Greg Bird faces new assault charges

July 6, 2009 | The Brisbane Times

Former NRL star Greg Bird was helping a friend's drunk girlfriend out of a nightclub when two intoxicated women started attacking him, his lawyer has told a Sydney court.

Bird, who now plays rugby in France, appeared in Sutherland Local Court today charged with assault.

He faces five charges, all relating to his alleged attack on Victoria Shannon at Fusions nightclub in Cronulla, in Sydney's south, in the early hours of January 19 last year.

During a brief opening address as Bird's three-day hearing commenced, his lawyer Patrick Conaghan said CCTV footage and evidence from security guards would show it was Bird was was under attack.

"He had been there only for a short time, consumed only a small amount of alcohol and was not intoxicated," Mr Conaghan told Magistrate Jayeanne Carney.

"(His friend's) girlfriend was extremely intoxicated and he was assisting his friend (to take her out of the club) when she came into contact with Victoria Shannon, who took issue to being struck and abused the girlfriend.

"Mr Bird said words to the effect of 'Chill out, just relax - she's drunk, she's going.'

"Ms Shannon replied 'You're nothing but a fwit footballer."'

Bird retorted, making some comments about Ms Shannon's tattoos, at which point the woman and her sister set upon Bird, Mr Conaghan told the court.

"It's the defence case that that can be supported by video evidence," he said.

"There's clearly two female persons attacking Mr Bird, and we can see Mr Bird in a defensive mode with his arms up being pursued."

The hearing is continuing.

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